About Dr. Aaron Rice and Dr. Rachel Rice

Dr. Aaron Rice, D.C., C.A.C.C.P

Adjunct Professor for eCornell University, Davenport University, Baker College


Dr. Aaron was born and raised in Michigan.  He began receiving chiropractic care at only a few months old, after his parents were desperately seeking help for unexplained colic, reflux, and sleeplessness. After receiving chiropractic care he slept for the first time in months for longer than 30 minutes and began to thrive. This would become the foundation on which Dr. Aaron began his chiropractic journey.


In high school, Dr. Aaron was struck by a conversion van while riding his bike. He suffered from multiple pinched nerves throughout his neck and back. He was in constant pain and had to watch from the sidelines as his friends continued playing sports. He needed a neck brace and feared his days of being active were over. Once again, Dr. Aaron visited a chiropractor for his injuries.  This was the second time Dr. Aaron's life had changed from chiropractic care. It was then that he had found his calling.  


Dr. Aaron's passion is to share chiropractic medicine. It has changed his life and his family’s life. Sharing this passion is what he does best and it is easy to see the best care for you and your family is what drives Dr Aaron. 


"I appreciate the human frame and believe that we were designed to be healthy and vibrant.  That self- healing and self- regulating are normal.  Through the holistic approach that chiropractic takes, I hope to reduce the stresses on those who I come in contact. I provide evidence-based clinical care, specific spinal adjustments, lifestyle modification, supportive care and nutritional support."  - Dr. Aaron


Dr. Rachel Rice, D.C.

Adjunct Professor for Baker College

Dr Rachel grew up in Michigan.  She was inspired by her husband's education and career, and fell in love with Chiropractic care. She graduated with her Docotorate in Chiropractic Medicine in April 2009.  Dr. Rachel is focused on maternity and pediatric chiropractic care. Dr. Rachel is also a birth doula. She enjoys providing professional support to moms as they welcome their babies into the world.


It is easy to see Dr. Rachel is driven by her passion to live a chiropractic lifestyle and her excitement will easily rub off when you meet her.  Dr. Rachel motivates others to reach their optimal health potientials through chiropractic, whole foods nutrition and pure empowerent.


"My kids are my world and their health is my responsibility. Making sure they are not only being active in their health, but also learning how to take care of their bodies is the best knowledge I can give them to reach optimal health" - Dr Rachel.  


Their Life Together


Dr. Aaron and Dr. Rachel are high school sweet hearts. They were both born and raised in Michigan. Dr. Aaron and Dr. Rachel were married in 2002.  They have 4 children, Rhagen, Hudson, Summit, and Ryker.

They both share a passion for a natural, chiropractic lifestyle.